Silicone XPERT Review by Kathy Lee

Kathy and her crew over at The Pole Project in Cape Town have been using the X-Pole silicone XPERT on the X-Stage base at events in recent months and this is what she had to say about X-Pole’s new silicone finish range…


What event did you use the silicone pole for?

Our first event using the silicone pole was the FNB OneRun in May 2015. We used it again at Open Streets on Bree in January 2016 and for an interview on the Expresso Show in February 2016.


From top to bottom: Anel, Leda and Kathy on the silicone XPERT for the FNB OneRun.Image supplied by Kathy Lee, The Pole Project.

FNB OneRun by Kathy Lee, The Pole Project

What do you think of the engineering/manufacturing?

It is excellent! The only issue we had was the diameter of the pole – it’s slightly bigger than what we’re used to.


Why did you choose the silicone finish over other finishes?

The silicone pole is great to have for public events - where it requires us doing demonstrations and encouraging members of the public to participate. It allows us to perform tricks on the pole with more clothing on, which not only helps dispel some of the "stripper" stigma that is sometimes attached to pole dance, but also lets us pole outdoors on cold winter days!

The silicone also works better for members of the public who don't need to have shorts on in order to try out simple tricks on the pole (e.g. pole sit, pole stands).

Lastly, the grip factor really helps as we don't have to worry about constantly having to clean the pole at events, or members of the public slipping on the pole (especially guys who are always game for trying out some moves but can be deterred by sweaty/slippery hands).


What would you place the grip factor at - out of ten (1 is no grip and 10 is very grippy)?

I would give it a 10.


Kathy and Leda show the Expresso team the ropes. * Image supplied by Kathy Lee, The Pole Project. 

Kathy and Leda show the Expresso team the ropes. Image by Kathy Lee  


How portable was the product?

Very portable as the product comes in carry cases with handles and wheels. X-Pole has just released a new version of its pole bags too so the new stage poles aren’t prone to sliding out. The pole is a little heavier than other finishes though as the silicone adds to the overall weight.


Which industries/users would you recommend this product for?

I think the product would be popular with males (because of its grip factor and the fact that they don’t have to wear tiny shorts), and also for women who are keen on trying pole but may be shy with exposing too much skin.


What was your overall experience of the product?

It's been a great product to have at these events. The main issue was simply that the 45mm diameter pole ends up being 48mm with the silicone covering; it would be good to have a "true" 45mm silicone pole.

I would definitely not recommend trying out any drops on the silicone pole, unless you don't mind losing some skin! I, unfortunately, speak from personal experience :)

The pole was also a little hard to clean – but I’ve since learnt that this can be accomplished with warm soapy water.


Will you be using this product again?

Yes! I am ordering my own!


The Pole Project and friends at Open Streets on Bree. * Image supplied by Kathy Lee, The Pole Project.

The Pole Project and friends at Open Streets on Bree. Image by Kathy Lee 

Date added: 08/02/2016