Ambassador Student Feature - Joanna Pawelczyk

Joanna Pawelczyk is yet another of our amazing #XPoleSA ambassadors, a #poledance champion, #slasher and the owner of UniqFitness in Durban. Here her student, Cindy, lets us in on her pole journey and gives us the low-down on Jo’s teaching style…

Jo says: “My favourite part of instructing is the rewarding feeling when a student falls in love with pole and you see that same passion you have for it in them. It’s not about what tricks they get or how fast they progress - seeing the passion and love in whatever they do or try makes it all worth it!”


Cindy with Twisted Grip Handspring

Here Cindy Robinson (@cindyr1981 on Instagram), attempts a Twisted Grip Handspring under the supervision of Jo

How did you get into pole fitness and what made you continue? 

How I got into pole is a bit funny :)

I was having drinks with a friend in Monte Casino in JHB. There was a lady at the bar with the most gorgeous body I'd ever seen. I used to train ALOT and looked nothing like that. So I asked her 'WHAT DO YOU DO!!!" She laughed and said she did pole fitness and was an instructor. She gave me her card and told me I should come for classes. Turns out she was Vanessa Clack!!

I fell in love with pole from the first lesson and have never looked back. We soon moved to Durban and I was lucky enough to end up training with another super power, X-Poles very own Joanna Pawelczyk, enough said!!


What is Jo’s teaching style and how has she inspired you to push your boundaries?

Jo's teaching style, hmmm. Jo is patient and really encouraging, she makes us believe that almost anything is possible and she never gives up on us. She's pushed me to do more than I ever thought possible. Just watching Jo pole makes me want to push harder every lesson, she is a ninja and such an inspiration.


What three words would you use to describe Jo?

Committed, Fierce, Inspirational!!!


Cindy and Jo with a duo Twisted Grip Handspring

Cindy and Joanna duo Twisted Grip Handspring

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Date added: 08/10/2016