Ambassador Student Feature - Sherry Bremner

Not only are our lovely #XPoleSA ambassadors #poledance champions, #slashers and all round beautiful souls, they’re also much loved instructors!


First up, one of Sherry Bremner’s students gives us the low-down on her journey into #polefitness and Sherry’s role along the way.

Sherry says: “I love the look on my students faces when they finally achieve something that they've worked so hard for, especially when it is something that they didn't think they would ever be able to do. The determination that some of my student’s approach pole with is inspiring!”

Sherry - The Super Spotter

Sherry the Super Spotter 


Jacqui Hannaford is a pole and aerial fitness addict, and a student at Pole Dance Cape Town – follow Jacqui on Instagram @jaxxh83

How did you get into pole fitness and what made you continue? 

I started my journey into pole fitness in February 2011. I was training with a friend at gym and was feeling bored and unmotivated. I felt I wasn’t getting the results I wanted and was stuck in a rut. I needed something new and fresh to get me motivated again to keep my body moving. A friend told me about a Groupon deal she had seen for pole dancing classes and I thought 'hey, what do I have to lose by trying'. 

So there I was in my first intro class with a bunch of woman I didn’t know, all of us feeling as insecure and unsure as the next about what we were about to experience. Well, I was hopeless! My grip was non-existent, my coordination was rubbish and lets not even talk about the lack of strength to hold myself up. But I was hooked!

It was the thrill of the challenge ahead and the drive to get strong enough to achieve the super cool moves the instructor had demonstrated that kept me going. I could see my strength growing with each class and there is nothing quite like nailing a trick you have been working on for a while! 


What is Sherry’s teaching style and how has she inspired you to push your boundaries?

Sherry is very methodical in the way she teaches. She always explains what the move is that we are about to attempt, she then demonstrates the acrobatic feat which often leads to fits of laughter and cries of ‘you want us to do what?!’. After which she assures us that we will be fine and it isn’t as scary as we think, and she reminds us that we are actually a lot stronger than we think. She then explains where our limbs need to go and what they should be doing. She is very obliging – she will demo the move as many times as we need to understand it and answers any questions we have. 

I struggle with a number of injuries, some old and some new. Sherry will always take this into account and she will adjust the trick slightly or the entry or exit so that I can try it. She always encourages me to try the move at least once before I discount it, which often leads to me wanting to get it right and repeating it over and over until I nail it and do a victory dance to celebrate.  

The other great thing about having Sherry as an instructor is that she is very strong, which is really handy when she is spotting you in a trick you feel unsure of - and there are many. To date Sherry has never dropped me but she has most definitely caught my butt a number of times. 

Her passion and energy, as well as her mind blowing grace on the stage while achieving some serious gravity defying moves is absolutely inspirational. 


What three words would you use to describe Sherry?

Only three? That’s just not enough...



All round-Awesome




Here’s Jacqui conquering Baby Valentine with the help of Sherry Bremner

Jacqui Hannaford conquering Baby Valentine with the help of Sherry Bremner

Jacqui and Sherry with a Doubles Skater move on the pole

Jacqui and Sherry with Doubles Skater

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Date added: 07/13/2016