Ambassador Student Feature - Tarryn Knight

Tarryn Knight is another one of our beautiful #XPoleSA ambassadors, a #poledance champion and #slasher, who instructs at LAF Pole Fitness Studio in Joburg. Here her student Nomti lets us in on her pole journey and gives us the low-down on Tarryn’s teaching style…

Tarryn says: “There's nothing that excites me more, or feels more rewarding, than that moment when a student gets a move they thought they'd never be able to do or that they've been battling to get for a long time. It's so fantastic!”

Talking tips and technique, and a bit of spotting

 Talking tips and technique


Nomti Ntshoko is a pole dance fanatic and a student at LAF Pole Fitness Studio – follow Nomti on Instagram @nomtintshoko

How did you get into pole fitness and what made you continue? 

I went to a club in London and saw a girl for the first time doing a show and dancing on the pole. I was so amazed at how the girl looked so effortless doing her thing on the pole and I thought to myself, one day I want to do that.

When I got back to SA I immediately Googled pole dancing studios. At first I was very hesitant to go to a class and eventually I found the courage to go and just see. I was in so much pain in my first class but I loved it so much and thought that it was way better than going to gym. I was HOOKED!


What is Tarryn’s teaching style and how has she inspired you to push your boundaries?

My instructor always encourages me to try everything on both sides, no matter what, all the time!

There will be some days when I just can't get a move, which sometimes makes me feel discouraged. My instructor always pushes me to keep trying and just keep moving. Some days are just not always the same. Seeing myself progress from the "first time" and to "now" is always the best feeling!


What three words would you use to describe Tarryn?




Nomti Ntshoko #inpoleposition with Tarryn's encouragement and assistance

Nomti #inpoleposition 

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Date added: 07/19/2016