Happy Anniversary to our X-Pole SA 'Ambadassers'!

We're one year into collaborating with three incredible South African pole dance #slashers. Women who inspire us daily with their caring and intelligent natures; their energy and determination, commitment and integrity.

We’re so proud of your achievements this year, ladies. We are honoured to know you and work alongside you!

Thank you for being a part of our X-Pole SA tribe and for contributing to the growth of this athletic industry in South Africa.

We applaud you!


Slasher ambassadors


So, without further ado here are our ambassadors "Best Bits" of 2016 -

Sherry Bremner aka ‘Dr. Flexi’

Sherry Bremner's Best Bits of 2016


Tarryn Knight aka ‘Legs’

Tarryn Knight's Best Bits of 2016


Joanna Pawelczyk, ‘the powerhouse’

Joanna Pawelczyk's Best Bits of 2016


We look forward to continuing our efforts with you in 2017 and we wish you all the best for the year ahead.

Happy Anniversary 'Ambadassers'!

Date added: 11/10/2016