What Ceiling Surfaces Can I Use It On?     

Is The X-Pole Static Or Spinning?     

Does It Come With A Carry Case?     

How Much Does The X-Pole Weigh?     

How Portable Is It?     

What Height Will I Get In The Box?     

How Many Pieces Make Up An X-Pole?     

Maximum Height:     

What Should I Wear?     

Is an instructional video available?     

Lotions & Oils     

What Shoes Are Best?     

Does Vertical Leisure Have Insurance     

Can X-Pole Be Used On False Or Suspended Ceilings?     

Does X-Pole Come With Instructions?     

Will It Damage My Floor     

What Floors Can X-Pole Be Used On?     

What Else Will I Need?     

Which Material Is Best: Chrome, Steel Or Brass?     

My Ceiling Is Over 9 Feet     

How Do I Know What Extensions To Buy?     

How Long Does It Take To Put Up?     

What’s In The X-Pole Set?     

What Is A Stud Finder?     

How Do I Insert/Remove The Adjuster Cover Quickly?     

How Tight Does The Adjuster Have To Be?     

What Are Joists?     

How Do I Locate Joists?     

What Delivery Methods Are Available?     

How Do I Order One?     


Export Sales And VAT Sales Tax     

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How Strong Is An X-Pole