X-POLE South Africa is Closing Down

To our Clients, Supporters and Friends,   X-POLE South Africa will cease trading as of 31 December 2017.  This has been a...



Throughout 2017 we’ve been exploring different body weight training disciplines that can parallel and compliment pole dance, essentially as a form of strength training that is integral to increasing your level of skill, stamina and endurance for pole fitness. As we’ve found out,...


BODY WEIGHT TRAINING – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu VS Pole Fitness

There are all sorts of martial art forms available and many of them have been around since the dawn of time with the benefits of these activities ranging from fitness to self-discipline, confidence and respect... sound familiar? Read More-->



As we know, pole fitness is a form of body weight training and many a pole dancer story starts out with a history in gymnastics, acrobatics, yoga or some form of dance. Well, this month we chat to pole dancer and X-Pole South Africa ambassador, Tarryn...


BODY WEIGHT TRAINING – Aerial Arts & Pole Fitness

The aerial arts, also known as cirque arts, are increasingly trending along with stunning posts on social media. This month we speak to pole dynamo Joanna Pawelczyk , an X-Pole South Africa ambassador, about her interest in the aerial...



CrossFit or High Intensity Interval Training has been on everyone’s radar for quite a while now and this month we let you in on why CrossFit and pole dance can work together as we continue to explore different body weight training disciplines that can complement pole fitness. Read More-->



We continue our exploration of body weight training disciplines this month with… boxing. Not one that naturally pops to mind right?! Whilst boxing uses similar muscle groups as pole...


BODY WEIGHT TRAINING – Parkour VS Pole Fitness

We have some really awesome videos to accompany this article on parkour vs pole dance. Make sure you don’t miss the links below! But first, as we continue exploring different body weight...


BODY WEIGHT TRAINING – Running VS Pole Fitness

So, it’s not strictly a body weight training discipline, but as it’s the month of the Two Oceans our focus this month is running… another great cross training exercise for pole fitness nonetheless. This month we got...



To continue on our journey through different body weight training disciplines we’ve asked yoga guru, Ben Hemson-Struthers – who also dabbles in...


The Pole Championship Series Africa at the Arnold Classic Africa – Year Two

X-Pole is gearing up for the second annual Arnold Classic Africa and Read More-->


BODY WEIGHT TRAINING – Calisthenics VS Pole Fitness

For our second month’s focus on Body Weight Training - fitness disciplines much like Pole Fitness whereby you use your own body weight to get fit and strong - we take a look at Calisthenics with Read More-->


BODY WEIGHT TRAINING – Acrobatics VS Pole Fitness

Pole fitness is essentially a form of body weight training as you use your own body weight to get fit and strong whilst learning some cool tricks to do on a vertical pole, and any form of additional strength training is an integral part of increasing your level of skill, stamina and endurance for pole dance. Read More-->


X-Pole South Africa's Twelve Phenomenal 2016 #Slashers

In January 2016, we relaunched the #slasher campaign across our social media channels starting with none other than the world famous, Michelle Shimmy. The intention of the campaign was to showcase pole dancers as real people with regular day jobs, hobbies and interests outside of pole dance; to highlight a...



Happy Anniversary to our X-Pole SA 'Ambadassers'!

We're one year into collaborating with three incredible South African pole dance #slashers. Women who inspire us daily with their caring and intelligent natures; their energy and determination, commitment and integrity. Read More-->


Titanium Gold XPERT Review by Lindi Gyokosi

Lindi and her students at Sultry Studios , in Centurion, have been using the Titanium Gold XPERT in-studio and here is what they have to say about this X-POLE finish…  



What is Pole Fitness and Why Should You Try It?

A fun infographic about pole fitness from a recent UK survey. 


Ambassador Student Feature - Joanna Pawelczyk

Joanna Pawelczyk is yet another of our amazing #XPoleSA ambassadors, a #poledance champion, #slasher and the owner of UniqFitness in Durban. Here her student, Cindy, lets us in on her pole journey and gives us the low-down on Jo’s teaching style… Read More-->


Silicone XPERT Review by Kathy Lee

Kathy and her crew over at The Pole Project in Cape Town have been using the X-Pole silicone XPERT on the X-Stage base at events in recent months and this is what she had to say about...


Ambassador Student Feature - Tarryn Knight

Tarryn Knight is another one of our beautiful #XPoleSA ambassadors, a #poledance champion and #slasher, who instructs at LAF Pole Fitness Studio in Joburg. Here her student Nomti lets us in on her pole journey and gives us the low-down on Tarryn’s teaching style… Tarryn...


Ambassador Student Feature - Sherry Bremner

Not only are our lovely #XPoleSA ambassadors #poledance champions, #slashers and all round beautiful souls, they’re also much loved instructors!   First up, one of Sherry Bremner ’s students gives us the low-down on her journey into #polefitness and Sherry’s role along the...


Who is YOUR #Slasher? Stand a Chance to WIN

What is a #Slasher? X-Pole South Africa has officially launched their 2016 social media #Slasher campaign - built around the multi-dimensional quality of the ‘Slasher Generation’; the new generation of ‘go-getters’ who feel it important to excel at numerous things in life. They are the types of people...



Arnold Classic – for the first time in Africa this year

The Arnold Classic started out in the USA as an annual professional men's bodybuilding competition and over the years has turned in to a mega annual multisport event that celebrates numerous sporting codes from weight lifting to pole fitness. Now called the Arnold Sports Festival with regional events in the USA, Asia, Australia, Brasil, Europe and South Africa, the inaugural event in Johannesburg later this year promises to be a Sports Festival like no other in SA. Over the weekend of 27 – 29 May the Arnold Classic...


Ten Things You Weren’t To Know About Pole Fitness

Getting fit and healthy is said to be one of the top New Year’s resolutions for 2016, however many a resolution fails due to attempting the same methods as before. Within the pole fitness industry its generally accepted that once you get yourself into a pole class it’s a pretty difficult “habit” to break! The rapid results seen by following a pole fitness regime has many coming back for more time and time again. Pole fitness is a total body, cardio and strength training workout - it’s an incredibly fun yet serious way to workout....


Throwing the Spotlight on Men in Pole

November is a month used to raise awareness about men's health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity. Well, the burgeoning pole fitness industry is here to encourage men to MOVE. What we know as pole dance today is really a fusion of modern aerobics, gymnastics and the ancient forms of Chinese pole – seen in circus performances around the world and the likes of the Zip-Zap circus in Cape Town –...


A Fun and Total Body Workout for Summer

One of the fastest growing trends in the world of fitness, pole dance has been on the rise over the past few years with more people realising the benefits of the sport for fitness training; consequently driving pole fitness as a mainstream phenomenon. There are numerous organizations geared towards regulating best practice, developing a syllabus and offering instructor qualifications; but not only has it become popular for fitness, it has become quite a progressive sport with dedicated pole competitions taking place worldwide and events such as Read More-->


Our shipment contains!............

X Pole, the world leader in pole fitness equipment and products is replenishing supplies of their existing popular lines, i.e. standalone and stage poles for home and studio use as well as their range of extensions and spare parts. Along with X-Poles popular pole sets, their...


#poleposition 2014 marketing campaign

X-Pole South Africa embarks on their 2014 marketing campaign #InPolePosition X-pole, the world leader in pole fitness equipment and products have expanded not only across the US, Europe, Asia and Australasia, but are now also making headlines in South Africa. Read More-->


Out of stock status-2014 shipment

We are sorry that due to a serious natural flood at our factory we have experienced delays in dispatching our shipment. We are very excited to now have a new shipment leaving Shanghai at the end of June. Our new stock alongwth exciting new products will dock in South Africa mid to late August. We look forward to dispatching your back orders soon. Thank you for your patience. 


X-Pole Wins Multiple Court Cases against Copy/Fake X-Poles

X-Pole Wins Multiple Court Cases against Copy/Fake X-Poles In 2010 X-Pole won multiple legal settlements across the world against companies importing or selling Copy/Fake X-Pole products and using the Vertical Leisure/X-Pole names and copyright photos and text. Many of the companies...