BODY WEIGHT TRAINING – Calisthenics VS Pole Fitness

For our second month’s focus on Body Weight Training - fitness disciplines much like Pole Fitness whereby you use your own body weight to get fit and strong - we take a look at Calisthenics with Read More-->


BODY WEIGHT TRAINING – Acrobatics VS Pole Fitness

Pole fitness is essentially a form of body weight training as you use your own body weight to get fit and strong whilst learning some cool tricks to do on a vertical pole, and any form of additional strength training is an integral part of increasing your level of skill, stamina and endurance for pole dance. Read More-->


X-Pole South Africa's Twelve Phenomenal 2016 #Slashers

In January 2016, we relaunched the #slasher campaign across our social media channels starting with none other than the world famous, Michelle Shimmy. The intention of the campaign was to showcase pole dancers as real people with regular day jobs, hobbies and interests outside of pole dance; to highlight a...



Happy Anniversary to our X-Pole SA 'Ambadassers'!

We're one year into collaborating with three incredible South African pole dance #slashers. Women who inspire us daily with their caring and intelligent natures; their energy and determination, commitment and integrity. Read More-->


Titanium Gold XPERT Review by Lindi Gyokosi

Lindi and her students at Sultry Studios , in Centurion, have been using the Titanium Gold XPERT in-studio and here is what they have to say about this X-POLE finish…  



What is Pole Fitness and Why Should You Try It?

A fun infographic about pole fitness from a recent UK survey. 


Ambassador Student Feature - Joanna Pawelczyk

Joanna Pawelczyk is yet another of our amazing #XPoleSA ambassadors, a #poledance champion, #slasher and the owner of UniqFitness in Durban. Here her student, Cindy, lets us in on her pole journey and gives us the low-down on Jo’s teaching style… Read More-->


Silicone XPERT Review by Kathy Lee

Kathy and her crew over at The Pole Project in Cape Town have been using the X-Pole silicone XPERT on the X-Stage base at events in recent months and this is what she had to say about...


Ambassador Student Feature - Tarryn Knight

Tarryn Knight is another one of our beautiful #XPoleSA ambassadors, a #poledance champion and #slasher, who instructs at LAF Pole Fitness Studio in Joburg. Here her student Nomti lets us in on her pole journey and gives us the low-down on Tarryn’s teaching style… Tarryn...


Ambassador Student Feature - Sherry Bremner

Not only are our lovely #XPoleSA ambassadors #poledance champions, #slashers and all round beautiful souls, they’re also much loved instructors!   First up, one of Sherry Bremner ’s students gives us the low-down on her journey into #polefitness and Sherry’s role along the...