The Pole Championship Series Africa at the Arnold Classic Africa – Year Two

X-Pole is gearing up for the second annual Arnold Classic Africa and Pole Championship Series Africa… this year with a twist!


The Main Event

The main event is set to take place on Saturday the 6th of May as part of the Arnold Classic Africa at the Sandton Convention Centre in Joburg, where our Africa series finalists will be going head to head for the title of 2017 PCS Champion.

Last year we let you in on the history of the Arnold Sports Festival series here.

But it’s good to note that access to the PCS competition is FREE for anyone with an Arnold Expo Ticket so friends and family are welcome to come and cheer, and that ticket sales for the expo are already open – go ahead and purchase tickets here.

 PCS 2017 banner

With a Twist

This year, organisers are also opening the stage to women, men and masters in the first ever PCS Pole Open Africa. Anyone can participate, a competitor registration fee guarantees your place on stage and there is no residency requirement.

The Open divisions include:

  • Women's Novice Finals (ages 18+, women, solo) beginner/intermediate - competitor at the maximum skill level of inversions such as handspring, extended butterfly, or equivalent
  • Women's Finals (ages 18+, women, solo) intermediate/advanced - competitor above the level of solid inversions such as handspring, extended butterfly, or equivalent [Note: the top three winners of the Open Women's Finals advance to the PCS Championship Africa that same day.]
  • Men's Finals (ages 18+, men, solo)
  • Master's Finals (ages 40+, male or female, solo)

Registrations for the Pole Open Africa close on Wednesday, 15 March. You can register by following this link.

PCS Open 2017 banner 

And a Studio Showcase

In addition, there will be Studio Showcase open to all studios in Africa which is also free to enter. All studios have to do is create a 5-minute performance piece to take place on the main stage in between the Pole Open and Pole Championship events.

Entries for the Showcase close on Thursday, 6 April and studio owners can email the team to indicate interest.


Of course, X-Pole will be sponsoring the poles and more, so you’re assured of a great rig if you’re participating; and we’re looking forward to seeing and sharing all the awesome pole talent South Africa has to offer using the hashtags #PCS2017 #PCSAfrica #poleatthearnold.


See you there!


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Date added: 03/08/2017