Titanium Gold XPERT Review by Lindi Gyokosi

Lindi and her students at Sultry Studios, in Centurion, have been using the Titanium Gold XPERT in-studio and here is what they have to say about this X-POLE finish…


Students (left ) and Instructors (right) at Sultry Studios have a go on the Titanium Gold X-PERT. * Image supplied by Sultry Studios.

Students and Instructors have a go on the TG XPERT 


What event/ situation did you use the Titanium Gold XPERT for?

We use the pole in our studio for roughly twenty-five classes per week, in addition to bachelorette parties, poleathons and event rehearsals etc.


What do you think of the engineering/manufacturing?

We love the ease of use of X-POLE! We love the versatility of the products for different ceiling heights and we’ve always found installation to be a breeze.

The only downfall we have found on the Titanium Gold edition is that much of the gold colour plating has rubbed off through use, so it has become a two-tone pole.


Why did you choose this finish and diameter?

We love to give our students a wide variety of grip finish and pole diameter options to train on.


What was your overall enjoyment/experience of the product?

It's a great pole finish and as safety is always a concern, it meets our requirements 100%!


What would you place the grip factor at - out of ten (1 is no grip and 10 is very grippy)?

I would give it a 6.


Who would you recommend this product for?

Definitely for students who prefer a slightly grippier finish than chrome, but who still want more strength training than what powder coated or silicone can provide.


Will you be using this product again?

Absolutely :)


Sultry Studios Instructors Reel. Images supplied by Sultry Studios

Sultry Studios Instructors Reel

Date added: 09/09/2016