Who is YOUR #Slasher? Stand a Chance to WIN

What is a #Slasher?

X-Pole South Africa has officially launched their 2016 social media #Slasher campaign - built around the multi-dimensional quality of the ‘Slasher Generation’; the new generation of ‘go-getters’ who feel it important to excel at numerous things in life.

They are the types of people who have recognized a number of interests and acted on them, fulfilling their deepest desires and achieving as much as they can in a 24-hour day.

Every middle of the month we announce a new #Slasher on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages... but we're still looking for more! So follow along, nominate who you feel fits the bill and stand in line to WIN!


Who are our #Slashers?

In January we launched the #Slasher campaign with a recap of why we selected our international #Slasher, Michelle Shimmy.

Michelle is an International Performer / Award Winning Dancer / Pole Dance Instructor / Entrepreneur / Community Lawyer / Animal Lover / Blogger / Handstand Addict / Daughter / Sister / Friend

... live your life #INPOLEPOSITION



In February we announced another #Slasher, Tarryn Knight – a local polestar and X-Pole SA ambassador!

Tarryn is a Pole Dance Instructor / Flexibility Fanatic / Ballet Devotee / Christian / Cat Lover / Corporate Manager / Mentor / Aspiring Golfer / Devoted Wife

... feed your soul #INPOLEPOSITION



Our March #Slasher? International champion and X-Pole SA ambassador, Sherry Bremner!

Sherry is a Physicist / Data Scientist / Programmer / Dancer / Former Acrobat / International Champion / Pole Dance Instructor / Outdoors Enthusiast / Book Lover

… master the rules #INPOLEPOSITION


And for April... powerhouse and X-Pole SA ambassador, Joanna Pawelczyk.

Joanna is a Pole Dance Studio Owner and Instructor / Dancer / International Champion / Stretch Addict / Street Pole Fanatic / Photographer / Painter / Artist / Dog Lover / Chocaholic

... challenge the world #INPOLEPOSITION

Joanna Pawelczyk slasher


How do you enter? Nominate YOUR #Slasher and stand a chance to WIN!

1. Nominate your #Slasher in the comment section below by providing their full name and a list of “slashes” or the reason you believe they should be X-Pole South Africa’s next #Slasher.

2. Copy and paste your Facebook URL into the bottom of your comment so that we can get in touch with you later.

3. Nominate your #Slasher before 15 May 2016 and you could stand in line to WIN a pair of pole dance knee pads and a bottle of Dry Hands.

4. Share this link with your pole fan friends so they can nominate their #Slashers too!


The #Slashers will be shortlisted based on your rationale. The overall winners will then be selected randomly from the short list and announced monthly throughout the latter half of 2016.

Follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates. We’re looking forward to your thoughts!

Date added: 03/14/2016




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Tania Becker because she is a pole contortionist. Incredible!