Heavy duty circular crash mat
Heavy duty circular crash mat Stitched webbing & pvc tubing handles Easy to carry 100mm thick crash mat 9.8kgs crash mat Crash mat assembly Velcro cover Non slip fabric underside Crash mat on X-Stage Lite

X-Pole circular crash mat 1600mm x 100mm

Circular 1600mm x 100mm, 9.8kgs crash mat.


Price: 3,400.00

Available : In Stock

Stay safe! Use a purpose made crash mat when you're trying to master those difficult new moves.

Our mats are custom made by the preferred supplier to the gymnastics association of South Africa who have over a decade of experience producing mats for the sports industry.

This 100m thick crash mat comes in X-Pole colours (or choose your own) and is covered by heavy duty polyurethane to  allow for easy cleaning and withstanding stilleto heels. The polyurethane is used in judo mats, rugby tackle bags and pole vault landing. 

The mat contents are a combination of high density closed cell foam and aerothene (equal to SABS standards). This combination allows us to produce a mat that has excellent shock absorbtion quallities whilst remaining light enough to carry (the entire mat weighs only 9.8kgs, far less than many large crash mats of this size). 

The mat is a 2 piece mat, fewer pieces offer greater stability whilst less pieces allow more convenient storage. We feel a 2 piece mat offers the best of both worlds. Stability has been further considered by placing non slip fabric on the underside of the mat. These 2 parts hold themselves securely around your pole with industrial strength velcro. The hole at the centre of the mat is a standard 45mm wide (or can be custom cut to suit your specifications).

When you're finished, simply pull apart the 2 pieces, lay them on top of one another and cover the velcro area with the polyerethane sheet (provided), then use the carry handles to transport the mat to your storage area. 







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