X-Pole Sport (XS) 45mm Set - Stainless Steel (ST)

X-Pole's entry level static pole, the SPORT 45mm (1.75"). 


Price: 3,420.00

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Our entry level pole. The SPORT Pole offers new features not seen on any other pole before. Bottom Loading pole with X-Joints. Contents: Main Pole A (inc. Adjuster/Nut) Main Pole B Extensions 125mm (1pc) & 250mm (1pc) X-Joints - 180mm (1pc) & 200mm (2pcs) Top Plate Base. Our new Stainless Steel finish is perfect for users who struggle with the grippier poles or those who have allergies with materials such as chrome. The stainless steel pole comes polished, making it great for spins and when performing inverted tricks. This material is at its optimal state in humid conditions. 

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