Extensions and X-Joints

The latest range of pole extensions to be used with the latest X-Joint technology pole sets. These extensions are used with all the X-Pole sets featuring X-Joint tube assembly system  -  the SPORT (XS), XPERT (XX) and the latest X-Stages (which also use X-Joints).

If you are unsure which joint system you have all 'bottom loading' X-Poles (screw adjuster at the bottom) use X-Joints. Poles with the screw adjuster at the top use screw extensions. Screw Joint Extensions

Important Note:
X-Joints are not supplied with the extensions. Each extension requires an X-Joint unit to be purchased in addition. However, as every X-Pole set is supplied with 3pcs X-Joints additional joints may not be needed. Please check what joints are required to match the extensions being used.

40mm Extension (XJ) - Chrome - 1000mm

Price: 450.00

40mm Extension (XJ) - Chrome - 200mm

Price: 265.00

45mm Extension (XJ) - Chrome - 1000mm

Price: 450.00

45mm Extension (XJ) - Chrome - 100mm

Price: 230.00

45mm Extension (XJ) - Chrome - 125mm

Price: 235.00

45mm Extension (XJ) - Chrome - 300mm

Price: 290.00

45mm Extension (XJ) - Chrome - 500mm

Price: 360.00

45mm Extension (XJ) - Chrome - 750mm

Price: 360.00

45mm Extension (XJ) - Stainless - 1000mm

Price: 865.00