X-Pole Wins Multiple Court Cases against Copy/Fake X-Poles

X-Pole Wins Multiple Court Cases against Copy/Fake X-Poles
In 2010 X-Pole won multiple legal settlements across the world against companies importing or selling Copy/Fake X-Pole products and using the Vertical Leisure/X-Pole names and copyright photos and text.

Many of the companies concerned have imported fake X-Poles from companies in China claiming to be the X-Pole manufacturer. They then used the X-Pole name, inferred that the product was X-Pole, used copyright text and X-Pole copyright photos to market the fake products.


In addition the fake products breached X-Poles international product design rights.

In addition to passing off as X-Pole certain aspects of copyright infringement are 'criminal offenses' which the directors of an infringing company are personally libel for.

Customs and Excise and Trading Standards also now take the importation of fake product, copyright infringement, misrepresentation and passing off extremely seriously and will investigated the companies concerned, a situation that no company needs.

In all cases Vertical Leisure Ltd has received damages and legal expenses and in most cases these have been 5 digit sums as well as any existing stock destroyed.

Warning - Following these successful legal actions Vertical Leisure / X-pole advises it will take legal action against ANY company who infringes X-Pole patents, design rights, titles/names or copyrighted text and photos.

Important Information:
Vertical Leisure Ltd is the 'Exclusive Owner' of all X-Pole products and IP and production is licensed to only one manufacturer worldwide. This manufacturer does not advertise X-Pole, supply or offer X-Pole product to any source other than Vertical Leisure Ltd.

Vertical Leisure Ltd are the original designers, patent and copyright owners of all X-Pole products. Vertical Leisure Ltd is the only company worldwide who has the rights to sell, appoint importers, distributors or any form of re-seller for X-Pole products.

If in any doubt with regard to the origin of a X-Pole product, companies offering X-Pole products or the use of photos and copyrighted X-Pole material please contact your nearest X-Pole office or Vertical Leisure Ltd +44 (0)1707 665933 
or email us at sales@verticalleisure.com we will be pleased to assist.

Date added: 05/20/2013